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Our infant program is a safe and secure home away from home, where your child can learn and play as they grow. Our goal is to provide a nurturing, creative world for our infants. Routines are the curriculum for an infant’s day. Each and every day offers new opportunities for learning and exploring. Infants are fed and diapered on an as needed basis. We can assure you that your infant is our concern and will not have to wait on a diaper change. We want to keep our infants happy and our staff will provide an unparalleled level of interaction while caring for them on an individual bases. Our staff will ensure that your child has concrete sensory experiences, and help build cognitive, language, and social skills. Our staff will work with you and your child to ensure a smooth transition into our program. Our program and staff are looking forward to creating a strong bond with your infant to ensure the best start in life.


 Our infant room features:

  • Individual cribs

  • Age Appropriate toys

  • Music Exposure

  • Tummy time on the floor

  • Reading time


As your toddler is joyfully discovering new levels of independence each day, they are perfecting many new and amazing skills such as talking, climbing, and running. They are exploring and discovering the world around them, and the world that we provide for them to discover is filled with learning age appropriate materials to play with for example push and pull toys, blocks to build with, and art experiences to promote creativity. Your toddler will also enjoy music and learning games. We do a learning circle time each morning to help your child learn in a small group form. Our toddlers will also experience sensory and different textures, painting, and outdoor play. Late afternoon will include creative movement with music and dance.

Toddlers are constantly, expanding their vocabulary daily. Our daily schedule balances free time with structured group activities. This balance and mix of free choice and group time will promote toddler’s growing independence as well as the ability to work together in a group.

Preschool Program

Preschoolers are usually the most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a hands on manner.  Open ended questioning and activities offer an opportunity for children to develop creative thinking skills.  The preschool themes include activities centered around communication, science, math, music, art, and small/large motor development.  Children are allowed to pretend play in our dramatic play area which enhances their imagination.  Our center rotates materials on a regular basis to maintain the children's interest. 

Our preschool teaching staff place strong emphasis on cooperation, problem solving, and the joy of literature.  Our preschoolers have both free play in centers of their choice and planned group activities. Our teaching staff creates a supportive, accepting climate that values both effort and achievement.

School Age

Our program offers a before and after school program, as well as a full day program when school is not in session. Our school age program schedule is a flexible schedule that involves free choice activities. This program promotes self esteem, problem solving, and independence.


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